Swatantrata Center

Advancing Choice and Opportunity

We believe in ideas that are particularly important for understanding and supporting the good society — a pluralistic society in which intellectual and economic progress is the norm, and where individuals flourish in a context of openness, voluntary and peaceful cooperation, and mutual respect.

Swatantrata Center for Human Flourishing Foundation (Swatantrata Center)  is a section 8 Non-for-profit company that registered under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, India. 

Swatantrata Center Team atr Rajaji Memorial House (TamilaNadu)

Our Vision

Swatantrata Center envisions to build
a peaceful and prosperous society where every individual has a choice and opportunity to lead a decent life with dignity.

Our Mission

Swatantrata strives to advance ideas, policies, and People
that cause human flourishing through
Policy Education, Digital Activism, and Grassroots Advocacy.


Policy Education

We provide educational and learning opportunities for young people to understand and gain exposure to ideas and policies to build a free society.

Digital Activism

We will utilize the power of the internet to reach more people. We run digital campaigns that can reach a huge number of people and engage with the power of social media.


We provide opportunities to young people to incubate new projects/Initiatives and also equip them with knowledge and the necessary tools to promote positive change through policy-making and political practices.

Grassroots Advocacy ​

We have organised grassroots campaigns for classical liberal causes like economic freedom, street vending, responsible spending/fiscal responsibility, decentralization, etc.

Programs & Initiatives

we believe that ideas within the classical liberal intellectual tradition are a driving force of well-being for all people.

Youth Parliament Program

Youth Parliament Program (YPP) an integral part of the Swatantrata Center from 2019 has created a platform for the Youth to speak up and make an impact on social change in the country. YPP initiative originally founded as an independent initiative to empower youth on various political and policy issues through debates and discussion forums.

SwaCon : Annual Conference on Human Flourishing

SWACON has been the largest virtual liberty conference in India on Human Flourishing with the Theme of "Reclaiming Liberalism" hosted in 2020 with 35+ Libertarian champions across the world, which involved world-leading Think Tanks and various leading scholars, policy, and development experts, and entrepreneurs.

Policy Conclaves

The objective of the Conclave has been to reinvigorate the reforms to boost inclusive and sustainable growth. Swatantrata Policy Conclave (SPC) brought together expert speakers, thought leaders from multilateral organizations, civil society organizations, and the private sector to discuss a wide range of policy issues

Swatantrata Yatra

Working Globally and Living Locally, the Swatantrata team stepped forward to go an extra mile to connect the people across the country, not just in the ways of meeting and greeting but discovering the passion of liberty and free markets. Swatantrata Yatra started with a Campaign for Responsible Spending, Free Enterprise, and Decentralization. The Yatra took place in February and March.

Leadership Bootcamp

Leadership Bootcamp is 3 days residential boot camp on Policy education, Sustainable development Goals. The Bootcamp took place from Feb 21-23rd 2020 at VNRVJIET Institute Hyderabad which brought together 100+ delegates across the nation and hosted 30+ policy experts from various domains such as public policy, business, academia, non-profits, civil society movements, and media.

What do we Believe

We believe that ideas within the classical liberal intellectual tradition are a driving force of well-being for all people.

Each of the principles and ideas we describe below has a rich intellectual tradition of its own that continues to develop. These brief descriptions are intended to serve as a starting point—an invitation to inquiry—that we hope will lead to deeper conversations.


Human Dignity

Human Dignity is the foundational principle that every person possesses dignity simply by virtue of the fact that they are human beings.


Individual Freedom

Individual Freedom is the default starting point classical liberals favor, as it leads to patterns of widespread human flourishing. 


Voluntary Action

Voluntary Action is the presumed standard for how we achieve what classical liberals take to be the social ideal: a society of mutual benefit based on peaceful cooperation. 


Toleration and Pluralism

Toleration and Pluralism are complementary principles that build upon one another toward a good society. This variant of toleration is put in service to defend freedoms of speech and expression. Classical liberals also point out that toleration tends to lead to pluralism


Spontaneous Order

Spontaneous Order is the idea that much of the order within society—widespread social coordination—arises not by virtue of human design, not by top-down rational control, but by bottom-up processes of trial, error, learning, and course correction. 


Peaceful solutions

Peaceful solutions are key to fostering a society in which individuals go about their daily affairs in a context of voluntary cooperation and in the absence of violence or war. classical liberals favor the free movement of capital and labor, people, goods, services, and ideas across borders,


Economic Freedom

Classical liberals tend to favor public policy grounded in the principle of economic freedom over policies grounded in the principle of economic control. Entrepreneurial discovery in the context of market prices is, in other words, an ecosystem that generates creative solutions.


intellectual humility.

A classical liberal understanding of the market economy, for example, recognizes that the knowledge required for complex social coordination is fundamentally dispersed across billions of market participants.


The Rule of Law

The Rule of Law is the principle that society must be governed by rules that apply, impartially and equally, to all people. The rule of law also serves as a constraint on state power.


Civil Society

Civil Society is the sphere of voluntary human action that exists between the individual and the state. Classical liberals recognize that the institutions that constitute civil society


Freedom of Expression

Freedom of Expression, which affords every person the right to voice his or her own opinion, fearlessly and publicly, ensures that no good idea goes unheard and that no bad idea goes unchallenged.



Justice in the classical liberal tradition is the principle that the individual rights of all must be respected. Justice requires that government respects the rights of the individual. 

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Swatantrata center completely runs on Voluntary donations from private individuals and foundations. we don’t accept any grant/Funding from Government.