mini Grants

As an activist, you shouldn’t be spending all your time worrying about logistics. You should be spending it doing what you do best:

Promoting the ideas of free & Prosperous society


Mini Grants

we would like to offer students and young people who are liberty enthusiasts can apply for micros grants. This grant is meant to enable you to create a really great event or activity that will help you educate students/young people on some facet of the ideas of limited government.

we are happy to help spread the ideas of liberty with you. Because we know time is essential in organizing any event, we promise to get back to you within two weeks of submitting an application. Thank you for considering applying for a Student Activism grant with Swatantrata Center, 

To ensure that the grant money, if approved, is used appropriately and effectively, we ask you, and you hereby, by submitting the application, agree upon completion of your event to provide Swatantrata Center with the following:

– Atleast Three quality photos of your event

– A paragraph-long description of how the grant helped you carry out your event

– Data about participants of your event: At the minimum name, email, school, and graduation year

– Scans of receipts that provide proof of spending in accordance with your application.


Swatantrata Center is happy to provide Youth Outreach grants to students and young people who wish to organize projects and events in support of Ideas of a free society. Swatantrata Center will give priority to events/projects related to Strategic themes of swatantrata Center such: (Not limited to)

  • Economic freedom,
  • Livelihood,
  • Decentralization,
  • Entrepreneurship 
  • Fiscal Responsibility,


Invest in Advancing Human Flourishing

Even a small help makes a difference. Students and Young people will be the future of any change that will come in the future both positive and negative. we aim to enable students leaders from the logistical burden and enable them to take action through kickstarting small project and events.