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Why Civil Liberties ?

Civil Liberties give us all the freedom to develop, fulfill our potential and lead a fulfilling life and we wanted every citizen of India to have and exercise their fundamental rights in India in the process of building a better life for them and their families. Through Campaign, Swatantrata Center will work to protect and expand civil rights and freedoms guaranteed to all by the Indian Constitution Constitution as well as international conventions and treaties.

Campaign for Civil Liberties is aiming at promoting a compassionate and responsible approach towards protecting civil liberties and Building institutions for a strong rule of law through raising awareness about the importance of Civil Liberties and Rule of law.

The campaign that will aim to provide Students and Young people with meaningful training, discussions, debates, and other opportunities to deepen their understanding of Fundamental rights, Political rights, and Strong rule of law. 

The campaign will be utilizing the wide network of Swatantrata Center have Nationally and internationally and will be aiming to empower local leaders to take action and organize activities

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2nd October, 2021

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RAISE YOUR VOICE & Reclaim Your Civil liberties and Political Rights. 

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Campaign for the Civil liberties


Swatantrata Center organizes Various sorts of outreach activities through Digitel and in-person to support and promote Civil liberties campaigns Goals. 

Civil Liberties Panel Discussion on "Status of Civil Liberties & Rule of Law in India '' on 9th October 2021 as part of our Campaign for Civil Liberties with Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan, Founder of Loksatta, Foundation for Democratic Reforms, and Sriram Karri, Resident Editor - Deccan Chronicle, & Wrote for NYT, BBC, Guardian, HuffPost, ET, Asia Times, HT, Firstpost, and was moderated by Sourya Banerjee, Senior Associate at Centre for Civil Society

The panelists discussed a wide range of issues related to civil liberties and the rule of law in India. Dr. Narayan expressed concern about the growing trend of authoritarianism in India, and argued that the country’s civil liberties are under threat. He cited examples of the government’s use of force against protestors, the erosion of judicial independence, and the suppression of free speech. Sriram Karri agreed with Dr. Narayan’s assessment and added that the government’s actions are creating a climate of fear and paranoia in India. He said that people are increasingly afraid to speak out against the government and that this is having a chilling effect on free speech and dissent. The panelists also discussed the role of the media in protecting civil liberties. Karri said that the media has a responsibility to hold the government accountable, and that it must be willing to speak out against injustice. However, he also acknowledged that the media in India is under increasing pressure from the government, and that it is becoming increasingly difficult to report freely. The discussion concluded with a call for action. The panelists urged the Indian people to come together to defend their civil liberties and to hold the government accountable for its actions. They also called on the media to play a more active role in protecting freedom of speech and dissent.

On November 13, 2021, a "Civil Liberties Dialogue" was held with Ms. Sagarika Ghose, a renowned journalist, author, and broadcaster. The dialogue was organized as part of the Civil Liberties Campaign, which aims to promote and protect civil liberties in India.

Ms. Ghose, a prominent figure in the Indian media landscape, engaged in a thought-provoking discussion on the current state of civil liberties in India. She delved into various aspects, including the challenges faced by journalists, the erosion of freedom of expression, and the need for a vigilant citizenry to safeguard fundamental rights. The dialogue highlighted the pressing concerns surrounding civil liberties in India. Ms. Ghose emphasized the importance of a free and independent media in holding the government accountable and upholding democratic principles. She also underscored the significance of public engagement and activism in protecting civil liberties. The discussion concluded with a call for a renewed commitment to safeguarding civil liberties in India. Ms. Ghose’s insights and perspectives provided valuable guidance for the Civil Liberties Campaign and its ongoing efforts to promote and protect fundamental rights in the country.

A panel discussion honoring Rajagopalachari's birth anniversary on December 10, 2021, as Civil Liberties Day, featuring a special session on "Civil Liberties and Human Progress" featuring Barun Mitra, director of Liberty Institute, and President Emeritus Lawrence W. Reed of the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) and Author and TEDx speaker Sadaf Hussain moderated the conversation. supported by Students for Liberty in South Asia
Indian Liberals Lecture 2021 with Sagarika Ghose ( Journalist, Author, and Broadcaster) | The Case for Individual Liberty and Why It is Vital for Today's India, Organized by Centre for Civil Society association with Swatantrata Center | Date: 27th November 2021
Declare Your Independence, Radio/TV show with Ernest Hancock, Founder and Publisher of Freedoms Phoenix, on the topic "India and Liberty, Culture" with Venkatesh Geriti and Raghavendar Askani on January 20, 2022.
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Project Arizona was created by Liberty International to provide young international leaders with a life-changing experience that will enable them to become effective advocates for freedom. As part of the association with the Swatantrata Center, we had the opportunity to connect with the fellows. I also had the opportunity to discuss best practices in fighting for civil liberties with Arizona Supreme Court Justice Clint Bolick and promote the civil liberty campaign in January 2022.
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On November 27, 2022, the 2nd Indian Liberal's Annual Lecture was held. Renowned writer and journalist Sagarika Ghose gave our first lecture last year on "The Case for Individual Liberty." This year, in collaboration with the Center for Civil Society Organization, Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan will give a lecture on "The Scope for Political Liberalism in the 21st Century."