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Civil Liberties and Human Progress @ December 10, 2021, 7 pm IST

A Swatantrata Center's Initiative

Why Civil Liberties ?

Civil Liberties give us all the freedom to develop to fulfill our potential and lead a fulling life and we wanted every citizen of India to have and exercise their fundamental rights in India in the process of building a better life for them and their families. Through Campaign, Swatantrata Center will work to protect and expand civil rights and freedoms guaranteed to all by the Indian Constitution Constitution as well as international conventions and treaties. 

Campaign for Civil Liberties is aiming at promoting a compassionate and responsible approach towards protecting civil liberties and Building institutions for a strong rule of law through raising awareness about the importance of Civil Liberties and Rule of law.

The campaign that will aim to provide Students and Young people with meaningful training, discussions, debates, and other opportunities to deepen their understanding of Fundamental rights, Political rights, and Strong rule of law. 

The campaign will be utilizing the wide network of Swatantrata Center have Nationally and internationally and will be aiming to empower local leaders to take action and organize activities

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2nd October, 2021

Signature Campaign

RAISE YOUR VOICE & Reclaim Your Civil liberties and Political Rights. 

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Campaign for the Civil liberties

Upcoming events

Swatantrata Center organizes Various sorts of outreach activities through Digitel and in-person to support and promote Civil liberties campaigns Goals. 

OCT, 2nd

launch of a signature Campaign for Civil liberties and against Police brutality

(1st) Round table conference on civil liberties and rule of law


Civil liberties Panel Discussion on Status of Civil liberties & Rule of Law in India on 9th October 2021 from 6pm to 7:20pm


Civil liberties dialogue with Sagarika Ghose on 13th Nov 2021 from 7pm

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Civil Liberties and Human Progress


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