Youth Parliament Program (YPP)

The Youth Parliament Program (YPP) is an initiative by Swatantrata Center which creates a platform for the Youth to speak up and make an impact on the change agenda for the country. To take on the policymakers and highlight the need for new thinking that will take the country forward. The Youth Parliament Program will be a debate between the best debaters and policymakers and opinion-makers. The platform will inspire the youth to express their views in an organized way. It will also allow for the emergence of bright future leaders

our vision

YPP is an ideal platform for socially conscious youth to voice their “Views & Ideas” & act as a change agent in building the India of our Dreams!!

Our Mission

To Create Awareness and Empower Youth though Youth parliament sessions where Youth can come together, think, discuss and debate on various issues, such as Education and Health, Electoral and Political Reforms, Judicial & Police Reforms, Local Governments & citizen-centered governance, Governance Reforms, Instruments of Accountability, Public Policy Reforms in India.

Activities of YPP

YPP organizes various kind of activities to reach and educate and connect young people on public policy, youth politics and reforms in politics , economy and gfovernnce 


Leadership Bootcamp

Policy in practice

Model Parliament Sessions

The Model Youth Parliament Programs (YPP) laid a bridge between youth/like-minded people working for society/who are socially conscious and government by providing a common platform and fostered healthy discussion on political reforms, parliamentary activities, policymaking, education, and employment. Through this initiative, YPP has been successful in acting as a catalyst in building leaders for a better Society.

Leadership Bootcamp

The Leadership Boot Camp was a flagship project of the Youth Parliament Program (YPP), A 3-day conference-style Leadership Bootcamp that brought together 100+ delegates across the nation and hosted 30+ policy experts from various domains such as public policy, business, academia, non-profits, civil society movements, and media. The Boot Camp focused on the three areas, mainly Policy Development, Sustainable Development Goals, and Technology. Bootcamp provided the new generation with an understanding of contemporary reforms in the world and helped them grab the networking opportunities to facilitate knowledge-sharing, connections, and real-time action on these issues.

Policy In Practice

Youth Parliament Program Inciting All Policy Enthusiasts And Young Leaders To Join Our New Initiative Of Policy In Practice Series Where We Pick Policies Of National Government And State Govt And Amylose Its Positive And Negative Impacts By Bringing Data Based Policy Effects From Ground And Experts In Those Fields.

The event has been addressed by Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan, Gurcharan Das, P Murali Manohar, Venkatesh Geriti, Sheelu Raj, Dr. Amit Chandra, Nadendla Manohar and Shantanu Gupta, Raghavendar Modala

Focus Areas

Education, Health, Agriculture, Political, Electoral, Public Policy, Decentralization, Judicial Reforms

Research, Analysis and Advocacy​

Research and analysis of the functioning of democratic and constitutional institutions in India towards formulating and promoting political and governance reforms. This includes scientific study and analysis of electoral, administrative, judicial reforms and related best practices and systems from across the world.

Citizenship Training and Capacity Building

Regular training imparted to public-spirited citizens on various topics of democratic principles and processes, genuine empowerment of local governments, instruments of transparency and accountability, judicial and police reforms, opportunities for growth among youth, education and employment.