#SWACON - a Virtual series
An Annual conference on Human Flourishing

4th June - 29th July 2020

Reclaiming Liberalism

#SwaCon - Virtual 2020

On the occasion of our first anniversary, Swatantrata Center in collaboration with South Asian Students For Liberty  takes pleasure to bring forward our annual conference  on human Flourishing #SWACON . 

Due to COVID19, we plan to organize this Conference as a series of virtual talks by leading scholars, experts, entrepreneurs and academicians who are spearheading the cause of liberalism and human flourishing all over the world. With a stellar line up of International speakers, #SwaCon promises to Reclaim Liberalism!

Conference Concept

The goal of any individual in this world is to build a life of happiness and Human flourishing which is a reward of hard work and values.

Every great achievement began when individuals dared to dream and believe it to be possible. One’s reason and the state’s limited role in assisting and encouraging the individual in his freedom is necessary for self-esteem and happiness and finally in achieving the goal of human flourishing. 

Over the years, the creation of innovative products and services have improved the lives of fellow individuals. Swatantrata Center  as an organisation believes in a society where each and every individual has a choice and opportunity to build a decent life with dignity. Personal choice and equal Opportunity has played a very strong role in building a decent life with dignity. 

We believe that the pursuit of liberty is an essential goal of humanity. The pursuit of liberty is balanced by the responsibilities that all individuals assume over their actions. We look forward to creating a world where every individual has the greatest liberty possible, without interfering or undermining the freedom of any other individuals.

We as an organization perceive liberalism as a moral and political philosophy that emphasizes the value of each individual to live a life of dignity and liberalism only philosophy that emphasizes the goal of politics is to be human wellbeing. The aim of political systems is to maximize human wellbeing and to minimize that which harms individual freedom and rights. 

Venkatesh Geriti  Founder , Swatantrata Center

Both Left and Right have embraced some of the liberal ideas but the core of liberalism rooted in individualism, a free and voluntary society based on the economic system and limited government are the principles least discussed. People embraced and hated liberalism for various reasons and their own interpretations of liberalism.SwaCon will provide an opportunity to understand why liberalism is important , relevant and vital for human flourishing. Swatantrata Center  would like to Reclaim Liberalism and we present our fight for Liberty through SWACON 2020 edition. 

Join us virtually on Reclaiming Liberalism!


President Emeritus
Foundation for Economic Education

American Political Commentator

Senior Programs Officer
The Institute for Humane Studies

Member of the European Parliament
Free Democratic Party, Germany

Free the People

Chief Executive Officer
Free the People

Federal ombudsman,
Freedom and Ethics Commission
Free Democratic Party, Germany

Founder & President
Loksatta & FDR India

Centre for Civil Society

Director of External Relations—Asia Pacific
Acton Institute

Vice President,
Liberty International

Senior Research Fellow :
Mercatus Center at George Mason University,

Academic and Research Director
Institute of Economic Affairs

Director, Research
Centre for Civil Society,

National Coordination of Training
Vente Venezuela

Vice President, Latin American Programs
Liberty International

Director of Competition Policy
International Center for Law and Economics

Policy Fellow
Centre For Civil Society

Co-founder & Director
Takshashila Institution

Author & Resident Editor
Deccan Chronicle

Founder and Director
Centre for Individual Liberty

President & Founder
British Conservation Alliance

Associate Research Director
Centre for Civil Society

Swatantrata Center

Writer, Speaker on
diversity, culture and identity,

movimiento Libertario

Founder & President
Swatantrata Center


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Venkatesh Geriti

Founder , Swatantrata Center

Raghavendar askani

Director , Swatantrata Center

Satya Bhargav Nekkanti

Director , Entrepreneurial initiative, Swatantrata Center

Sougandhi Bogupally

Director , Swatantrata Center

Kiran Reddy

Director , Swatantrata Center

Ranjith Kumar Duguntla

Manager , Swatantrata Center

Li Schoolland

Acton Institute

Dr.JP Narayan

Loksatta & FDR India

Christopher Barnard

British conservation alliance

Chakravarthy Nallamothu

Centre for Individual Liberty

Jerry Johnson

Author and Writer

Svenja Hahn MEP

Member of European Parliament

Matt Kibbe

Free The People

Terry Kibbe

Free The People

Nigel Ashford

The Institute for Human Studies

Nithin Pai

Takshashila institution

Ken schoolland

Hawaii Pacific University

Amit Chandra

Centre for civil society

Sriram Karri

Deccan chronicle

Lawrence Reed

Foundation for Economic Education

Sam Bowman

international centre for
law and economics

Dr. Kyle Varner

Liberty International

Pedro Urruchurtu

Vente Venezuela

Maria Alejandra Londoño

Movimiento Libertario,Colombia

Edson Andrade

Gente Libre, Mexico

Prof Syed Kamall

Institute for Economic Affairs

Parth J Shah

Centre For Civil Society

Prof. Shruti Rajagopalan

The Mercatus Center

Bhuvana Anand

Centre for Civil Society

Dr. Christopher Gohl

Free Democratic Party, Germany

Prashant Narang.

Centre for Civil Society

Dave Rubin

American political commentator

Hosts of the conference

15+ unmissable sessions by inspiring speakers.

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