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Liberalism in India: Past, Present and Future

 Author: Centre for Civil Society  Category: liberalism  Publisher: Centre for Civil Society  ISBN: 978-81-87984-27-6  Download

S V Raju has been a ‘convening force’ for Indian liberals. After the closure of the Swatantra Party, he kept the Maharashtra chapter going as a distinct entity so that those who have an interest in liberal politics could continue to come together. The Indian Liberal Group was the most active forum, not just in Mumbai but also across much of India, that kept the flame of liberalism alive. The ILG offered camaraderie for the older liberals and a guiding path to the aspiring ones.

Even in his passing, Mr. Raju helped convene liberals to discuss the past, present, and future of liberalism in India. This turned out to be the most diverse group of liberals ever to assemble in recent times—from the old and the young, liberals, libertarians and conservatives, organizations (think tanks and do tanks), and individuals (politicians, public intellectuals, authors, columnists, activists). The result of that convening is this book —the S.V. Raju Festschrift.