E Policy Conclave with Titus Gebel

  • Swatantrata e- Policy Conclave a virtual discussion hosted by Swatantrata that will brings together various policy, development practitioners and researchers to discuss the current COVID19 pandemic.  We are expecting to engage students, policy and development practitioners, entrepreneurs, academicians, and scholars. 

Free Private Cities: Making Governments Compete For You

May 16th 2020 :  6 PM IST | 2:30 CEST

Today’s systems provide incentives for those in power to enrich themselves and their supporters at the expense of society, to waste other people’s money to enhance their own fame, and to buy votes through alleged free benefits. The so-called social contract can be changed by the government with its parliamentary majority de facto at will. how can we make these break these outdated institutions and provide viable alternative for A further Development if Human Coexistence. 

Conventional systems are obviously reaching their limits in the 21st century. But there is a peaceful and above all voluntary alternative: Free Private Cities.

In emerging themes around urban planning and building sustainable cities, we always exemplify the complex trade-offs between states and individuals. Mostly, we end up attempting short-term interventions. Given the challenges of corruption, political instability, legal uncertainty, and cronyism it is important to find new alternatives. It might be difficult but not impossible to create a world where what we believe will affect the things we see, our choices that we like surround ourselves, and the individuals are left free to design their environment. The free Private Cities provide an alternative world view to the conventional system by providing competition to the Governments and creating a free society based on security, Liberty, and Prosperity. The concept of Private cities serves as an illustrative example of building sustainable cities based on individual rights and limited state intervention.

Swatantrata believes that there is an urgent need to look Covid19 in a more comprehensive and integrated manner. Swatantrata brings together various policy, development practitioners and researchers to discuss the current COVID19 pandemic. On our platform we will be hosting weekly E- Policy Conclave (Pandemic Series) which aims to explore various topics such as Ethical and Legal Considerations in Mitigating Pandemic, Revamping Health Care System in India, Civil Society and NGO’s Response to the Pandemic, Best Policy Practices in the Era of Pandemic and Cherishing the Values of Life, Liberty and Property.  

Speaker of the week

Titus Gebel

President and CEO
Free Private Cities

Titus Gebel is the inventor of the Free Private Cities concept, President of the society of the same name and CEO of TIPOLIS. He is a German entrepreneur with a PhD in international law and an extensive worldwide network. He founded amongst others Frankfurt-listed mining company Deutsche Rohstoff AG, retired as their CEO in 2014 and emigrated with his family to Monaco. With Free Private Cities, he wants to create an entirely new product in the “market of living together”. If successful, it will fast-track knowledge and progress for humanity.

 Titus has dedicated the rest of his life to making Free Private Cities a reality. Many distinguished experts convinced by the idea, have offered their support and have become advisors of Free Private Cities.

How can Governments innovate like Startups?

Free Private Cities: Making Governments Compete For You

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