Our Story

Swatantrata center foundation was originally founded as India’s future foundation (IFF), A Free-market educational foundation was founded by Venkatesh Geriti with the mission of educating and training youth people on economic reforms and entrepreneurship foundation and limited government. 

India’s future foundation has been a pioneer in educating hundreds of young people across South India on ideas and policies of economic reforms and entrepreneurship education and tools and resources to build a prosperous India. While IFF has a liberal vision of building a free society through advancing prosperity, IFF primarily worked into aspects of liberal economic reforms and entrepreneurship as leadership believes there is the greatest need for understanding ideas of liberalization and its importance. 

We realized that while everyone talked about India’s economic growth, on the ground, among ordinary people and especially students, there was little understanding about how that growth had been achieved.

We felt that many more people, especially students, should learn to appreciate the single most powerful change that is happening in their lives and careers — this is the only way we will get the greater buy-in of economic reforms

Venkatesh Geriti

In recent years, with changes in the political environment, the scope of India’s future foundation activities are very limited, Leadership of IFF decided to build a movement to expand its activities from Liberal economics to other aspects of building liberal society such as liberal democracy, Civil liberties and Rule of law and decentralization. The leadership of India’s Future Foundation announced the launching of its successor Swatantrata Center with a new vision of Swatantrata Center envisions building a peaceful and prosperous society where every individual can lead a Decent life with Dignity through Promoting Ideas, Advocating Policies, and Empowering People. 

We believe in ideas that are particularly important for understanding and supporting the good society — a pluralistic society in which intellectual and economic progress is the norm, and where individuals flourish in a context of openness, voluntary and peaceful cooperation, and mutual respect.

We believe that ideas within the classical liberal intellectual tradition are a driving force of well-being for all people. Swatantrata Center works to identify fundamental Barriers to building decent life with Dignity and lifting socio-economic barriers through Liberal approaches Policy Education and advocacy.