Swatantrata Center signs International Declaration on Market Environmentalism

Swatantrata Center Signs International Declaration on Market Environmentalism

GLASGOW, U.K. – Swatantrata Center joined more than 130 others in taking a pledge to promote market values in environmental policy at the Climate & Freedom Summit in Glasgow during COP26.

The International Declaration on Market Environmentalism, based on the book Green Market Revolution, focuses on four core principles: the market economy, private property rights, decentralization, and optimism & innovation. The initiative is led by Christopher Barnard at the American Conservation Coalition and Kai Weiss of the Austrian Economics Center, in partnership with C3 Solutions. Together, we affirm the need to protect our environment & planet, using these principles.

Signatories hail from more than 60 different countries and each brings unique perspectives to this critical conversation. Promoting these market-based principles at COP26, where policy is often discussed from a top-down perspective, is crucial to the mission of protecting our environment and tackling climate change.

Swatantrata Center Founder & President Venkatesh Geriti Said “Protecting Environment required active role of community and markets rather than State itself. Why should we entrust a state while it only has a historical record of failure to solve any problem but also creates other problems while trying to solve it? Communities and Market have the capacity to fight environmental issues more effetely. The state should stick to its limited role as a facilitator of the process through policy and incentives.”

For more information on the pledge and the principles put forth by Green Market Revolution, visit the website here.

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