Autonagar Surya – A Libertarian Leaning Movie

This article was written by Nallamotu Chakravarthy
Yesterday I went to watch Autonagar Surya for my favorite actress Samantha. It turned out that the movie has more to offer than just the heroine. I was impressed with the libertarian elements of the movie. Here are a few examples:
1)      Hero kills a rowdy and goes to prison. After serving his jail term, when he returns, people insult him of being a murderous criminal. He justifies that he is not a criminal, but someone who killed for self-defense. Libertarian ideology justifies violence only when it is done in self-defense and when a physical threat is imminent.
2)      Hero drives the local union mafia out of Autonagar. Residents of Autonagar come to him and request him to become their new Don. Hero says, he believes in making a living by applying his mind to create what people need, in this case, a fuel-efficient battery run car. He refuses to replace one looter with another looter. People appear very confused- which reflects the current state of our society.
3)      When the issue of forcibly collecting money from people comes up- hero says if all humans engage in looting from each other the entire human civilization will cease to exist- very profound.
4)      Hero says there are only four ways of earning a living a) By producing more than what you need b) By producing what you need c) By producing less than what you need d) By stealing from people. He is absolutely right, however, this can be simplified into just two categories- i) Those that produce ii) Those that loot. When aggregated, our society has only two kinds of people – producers and parasites.
Overall this is an ok move. Violence makes the movie unsuitable for young children. The only major disappointment was that Samantha was not given more screen time. Otherwise, it is a movie that all liberal leaning ideologues must watch.

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Swatantrata Center
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